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Our aim is to deliver bite sized chunks of “business brilliance” (that isn’t boring) with immediately actionable insights – so that you can take what you need, and get on with building the business and team you dream of.

Ideal Business Hacks
Ideal Business Hacks – Visit us frequently for bite sized chunks of business brilliance, and actionable insights.

Ideal Business Hacks is a magnet for business owners around the globe, because we add a little ray of business sunshine to their day, each and every day.

We empower business owners to create and grow their ideal business, so they can enjoy personal freedom, success by their definition – and live their ideal life.

Indirectly we “inspire”, and instill “hope” that their business and life can be everything they ever dreamed it could be.

The way we do this is by making learning about business fast and fun; and sharing practical, simple, quick, and affordable tips and tools.

Our reader’s experience with Ideal Business Hacks will make them think, learn, smile, laugh, dream, and take action.

We are very human, and socially responsible in everything we do.

As a by-product of our own success: we aspire to assist thousands of people in third world countries every year to start their own business; by directing at least 10% of all profits to microloan initiatives.

Lisa McCarthy - Founder of Ideal Business Hacks
Lisa McCarthy – Founder of Ideal Business Hacks & Champion for Small Business

Ideal Business Hacks was founded in 2018 by Lisa McCarthy in alignment with her passion for making business (and life), more human, and more rewarding for everyone.